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A must-have item for summer, the biz polo

The biz polo looks neat and matches with any outfit.
AOKI's popular product is now available again this year.
It is a popular item that combines the neatness of a shirt with the comfort of a polo shirt.
It can be used for both work and private life, and it makes a great gift

Beautiful collar like a dress shirt

One of the features of AOKI's Biz Polo is its neatly upright collar.
Using patterns and sewing techniques from dress shirt factories, the polos have a "neat" look that is important in business situations. Since it is non-ironing, it is easy to care for and maintain a beautiful appearance.

Biz Polo

Highly ventilated, sweat-absorbent, quick-drying, deodorant.

With comfort functions to keep you comfortable even in hot and humid weather.
It is highly breathable and cool, quick-drying and sweat-absorbent, and has a deodorant function to reduce bothersome odors, so you can spend your summer in comfort.

Biz Polo