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A new version of our popular pajama suit!

The popular pajama suits, comfortable enough to spend the whole day in, are now available in a wide variety of 5
designs x 3 colors, with a total of 15 items to choose from!
In this issue, we'll show you three outfits using them!

 with a total of 15 items to choose from  with a total of 15 items to choose from

▼Coordinates①:Commuting Style

Commuting Style

The jacket has a refreshing collarless design and simple hook for closure.
Coordinated with wide pants with center pleats that accentuate your legs.
The three colors are "off-white" for a clean look, "black" for an intellectual look, and "gray" for a distinct autumnal feel.

▼Coordinates②:Casual Style

Casual Style

A pullover with a looseness thats just-right, which goes well with both pants and skirts.
We matched the bottom with cropped pants.
Good for running quick errands.

▼Coordinates③:Work from home style

Work from home style

An outfit that looks put-together while being casual and comfortable.

By layering a pull-over sweater on top of a shirt,
With its high quality materials and business-casual design, it's great for many settings including both business and casual,
and also when working from home! Please check out the products from the URL below.