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This is the kind of suit we wanted! AOKI's active work suit

5,970 yen for the top and bottom set! !A new active work suit that breaks the mold of traditional suits is now available.

The new "Active Work Suit," a product exclusive to AOKI's online store, is now available again this year.
Here is an sneak peek at what makes the Active Work Suit so appealing.

What is an active work suit?

The Active Work Suit is an original AOKI product that went on sale in February 2021.
This item was so popular last year that it was temporarily sold completely out.

Suits are often thought of as expensive, but the Active Work Suit costs 5,970 yen for the top and bottom.
The price is affordable even for those who do not normally wear suits.
The design also breaks away from the traditional image of a formal suit, making it easy to move around in and match with casual wear.
It can be worn for any occasion, from work wear to everyday wear on weekends and holidays, depending on the life scene.

2022 Spring-Summer Model

The three color options for the first batch are black, navy blue, and khaki.
If you like them, you can have them in different colors to match your mood of the day.

[Online-Only Product] Active work suit Black
[Online-Only Product] Active work suit Navy
[Online-Only Product] Active work suit Khaki

Product Features

Not only inexpensive. Active work suits are also highly functional.

The suit is made of ultra-lightweight air-knit material and lined with a fresh touch mesh material.
The suit top and bottom weigh approximately 560g. ※L size weight

Stretchable knit material is used. Non-stress because it extends in three directions, horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

03.Washable at home

04.Secure zipper pocket

05.Comfortable three-dimensional sewing

06.Waist adjustable (string & elastic shirring)

Secure zipper pocket
Comfortable three-dimensional sewing
Waist adjustable (string & elastic shirring)

The Active Work Suit is a product only exclusive for AOKI Online Shop.
Why don't you try AOKI's active work suits?