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How to care for your leather shoes

How To Care for leather shoes

Leather shoes are often worn during business and formal occasions.
Unlike casual everyday shoes, they need to be taken care of on a regular intervals.
To keep them in good condition for a long time, it is important to know how to regularly maintain them. Here we offer you care tips so you know how to take care of your leather shoes at home.

How to make your shoes last longer

  • To prevent staining, spray water repellent on your new shoes.
  • Let the shoes rest for one to two days after worn.
  • Use a shoehorn when putting on to prevent damage and tie the laces tightly.
  • Use shoe trees to store your shoes when you are not wearing them.

Instructions for shoe maintenance

What you need

Shoe brush, shoe cleaner, emulsified shoe cream,
soft cloth (a few sheets), water repellent spray

5 steps to take care of your leather shoes (calf)

Remove dust and dirt lightly using a brush or cloth (remove the laces).

5 steps 1

Apply a small amount of cleaner and wipe lightly to remove dirt and old shoe polish
※Applying cleaner directly on the shoes may cause stains.

5 steps 2

Apply a small amount of shoe cream (about 1cm length for a pair of shoes) in a thin layer.
※Pick the same or a slightly lighter color shoe cream.

5 steps 3

Once the cream is dried use a new brush (not the one from step 1) to brush thoroughly and polish with a cloth.
※To add more shine, polish with stockings afterwards.

5 steps 4

Apply water repellent spray to finish.
※For pasted-leather (shiny leather) shoes, only a dry wipe is sufficient (applying cream can remove the leather shine).

5 steps 5

Napped/raised surface leather (suede, nubuck, etc.)

  • ① Lightly brush to remove any dust or dirt from the shoes with a brush (remove the laces).
  • ② If the surface of the shoes became dirty, use a suede cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • ③ If the color starts fading, use a suede renovator.
  • ④ Finish by brushing and spraying with water repellent spray.

What to do If your shoes get wet in the rain


Leaving your shoes wet can cause them to lose their shape and crack.

  • ① Lightly wipe off any water droplets or dirt.
  • ② Wrap a newspaper with tissue and stuff the shoes tightly up to the toes to absorb any water.
  • ③ Leave the shoes in a well-ventilated shaded area to dry thoroughly.
    • ※Keep the shoes standing to dry the sole.
    • ※Do not expose the shoes under direct sunlight and do not use a hair dryer, this may harden the leather and can cause cracking.
  • ④ Once the shoes are dried, remove any dust and dirt and apply shoe or leather cream.

About shoe polish


Liquid shoe polish can give you an easy shine but it is only a temporary solution.
If you only use liquid shoe polish without daily care it may cause cracks on the leather.
After using shoe polish once or twice, use a cleaner to wipe it off and then apply an emulsified cream to maintain condition.
It is better to avoid using oil-based cream and spray, as they may cause the surface finish to peel.

Waterproof and slip-resistant Leather Shoes

The upper part is waterproof leather. The inside of the shoe is also designed to prevent water getting in! The product passed our waterproof test at a depth of 4 cm for 5 hours!

※It is NOT completely waterproof
Waterproof and slip-resistant Leather Shoes