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A wide selection of products to suit your style. Business & Casual Coat Special

Business Casual Coat COLLECTION

Working styles are varied.
AOKI offers a wide variety of coats to suit every style.

Business like

Lightweight warm coat

Special film is laminated to the back of the outer fabric, making it light and thin, yet windproof and excellent in heat retention.
In addition, the stretch fabric makes it easy to move and comfortable to wear.
The hybrid liner, which is thin but has moisture-absorbing, moisture-retaining, deodorizing, and antistatic effects, is excellent.

Trench coat

27,390 yen (tax included) [ 37%OFF ]

Solar Heat Coat

Newly developed coat that "warms up immediately after going outside" using sunlight.
Comfortable warmth is achieved by kneading a special material into the fabric that quickly absorbs sunlight and raises the fabric's temperature.
It is also windproof and water repellent, making it even more comfortable.The liner is a hybrid liner of down and insulated cotton for lightweight warmth.

Solar Heat Soutien collar coat

54,890 yen (tax included)

Casual like

Tech soutein collar coat

A basic soutein collar coat that comes in useful during the change of season when it is difficult to adjust the temperature. One-piece tailoring that can be quickly woven over a pajama suit and into a regular outfit.It can be used in a wide range of casual and neat outfits, as well as for commuting to work.Down items can be docked as a liner for long-season wear.

Tech soutein collar coat

8,690 yen (tax included) [ 20%OFF ]

Quilted Hoodie Coat

A slightly long coat made of quilted fabric that is easy to use in casual stylesCan be quickly woven into your regular outfit. It can be used in a wide range of casual, stylish, and business-casual styles for commuting to work or school. Lightweight and warm, it is a versatile item with a fabric and design that can be used by all ages.

Quilted Hoodie Coat

10,890 yen (tax included) [ 37%OFF ]